It may seem strange …

but our story did not begin in a garage surrounded by cables, tools and a prototype computer,…This story begins on any Thursday of any one month from some years ago.

Thursdays monthly were designated as a gathering for friends, this Thursday I was the chef.
Mexican food was what I chose, being uncomplicated, crowd pleasing and letting me be with friends instead of in the kitchen. I thought Mexican cuisine would be great for my guests!!!

The idea was not bad

Googled recipes, headed off to buy ingredients after a hard day´s work. Got down to work: peeling and cutting onions, chopping the meat, peeling the garlic, not forgetting the spices, friends arriving now, nothing made arriving, offering them warm beer. What a disaster!!!

Luckily my fiends forgive, so we ate out of cans that evening, baked beans, tuna and tomatoes from the pantry,…

How it began

When they left and I started to clean, I realized that I had spent 2 hours preparing dinner, which unfortunately we didn´t eat, and that in just 5 minutes looking in the pantry we mounted some great skewers.

Later, as I was cleaning up from our meal “meal”, it came to me, (I think this is what you call a “eureka” moment):

If you can put beans in can, why not Mexican Food? complete Mexican meal, ready to eat in under a minute!

Now everyone, cook, husband, wife even teenagers, can eat a delicious Mexican meal, any day of the week, not just on Thursdays!

Look below to see what´s inside:

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